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why should you consider retiring in Costa Rica ?

We have found there are six major reasons people choose Costa Rica for their "get-a-way" vacation second home or their retirement and investment property, and they are, as follows;

1) weather (shorts and shirtsleeves year round)
2) lower taxes (tax base $0.0025 x highest recorded value)
3) cheaper labor (anything labor intensive - construction, medical, services, restaurants, etc will be less)
4) stable government (banana republic with NO military)
5) Secure and stable Central Bank (not exclusively tied to the US Dollar)
6) The beautiful scenery, forest, beaches, waterfalls, hot springs and nature allows you every sport you want to do
You can play every day out in the sun or sit in a natural spring and soak your bones with a good book

Real Estate - very common and natural to see $400,000 estate right next door to $40,000 'tico house' - locals pay no attention

as of July 2014, the RE market is stabilizing from the downturn and starting an upward trend again - of note is the 'Lake' market demonstrated a 15% market increase in 2014 over 2012/13, and is on track for banner performance

as always, the commercial and high end market has remained steady throughout the ebb and flow of the street market

the CR market can be described as;

tico house = small rooms and no hot water for kitchen, bathroom or showers = $25 to $85k
modified tico house = basically just adding instantaneous heaters for the showers = $25 to $85K
americanized = tico building mentality with central hot water for kitchen and showers = $50 to $150k
american built = US standards and finishes throughout = $120 to $300k
estate and select = pretty much the same as in the US but with the tax advantage if you buy cash

this will give you an overview of the CR marketplace and the second most important consideration then becomes the physical location of where to buy

Costa Rica has MANY different 'micro-climate' zones which must be experienced to understand, but are real for consideration

what we tell buyers is to consider the future of utility costs - for instance; if you buy along the first line at the south central beaches, you will have a grand showcase when here but a 24/7/365 electric bill to maintain the AC offsetting mildew when you may not want the noise, bother or cost

on the other hand, if you buy or build at the Lake, there are sufficient breezes to preclude the need for AC at all

we bought a mountaintop where the climate is 70 to 85 degrees 24/7/365 - no heat and no AC, just sweaters or fans

in the North Central Valley region of Costa Rica , your property taxes will be $200 per year or less - we have 8,000 sf villa with 7 apartments on 24 acres and our total property tax bill is $140 per YEAR

we have been in La Tigra for over 10 years and we have had EVERY meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner - on our open patio (a single exception the evening we caught the Honduras hurricane tail in 2008)

after you get your pensionado residency, your health insurance cost will be under $100 per month and the health care system here in Costa Rica is very adequate because many of the physicians did their school , training and residency in the US
our heating bill for the entire year was $ 0.00

our air conditioning bill for last year was also $0.00

the temperature in the La Tigra region averages 85F degrees daytime - 365 days a year  and 70F degrees at night - 365 nights per year -  great for sleeping under the sheets

yes, we get some rain and we get some cloud cover - thats what makes the temperature so even here - there is a chart comparitive schedule of rainfall per month averages on our website if this is an unanswered question in your mind

we are just a few hours from the beaches or whatever action you may want to see or be a part of and then go "home" to your peaceful lifestyle in the La Tigra region de San Carlos

that's our story, so now, take your time and look at our Real Estate website so you can find a property that will best suit your needs - then, give us a call or send an email to get the answers to your questions

Saludos and pura vida from the gang at La Tigra

Bob & Irina and Lindsay
Denis & Olga and Andrey