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$ 0 Down Investment Strategy
$ 0 Dowm means no new loan or money, just use the latent money you have

If you are one of the many homeowners in the US who has played by the rules for the past 40
years only to have your equity stolen by the thieves in Washington DC, then here is your real opportunity to use their new world order tactics against them

Backstory: when we were young our parents legacy was the house, the farm or property passed down from generation to generation which built in some equity we could leverage into building a business or otherwise improving our lot

That scenario then became mom and pop being taxed out of their house, farm or property and being financially forced to sell as a means of simple survival

Now, the game is to make it easier for mom and pop to liquidate their property so the new world order governments can take over all things land and property

We say, LET THEM, and we say that because they are going to take it one way or the other and even with your power of the vote, we (you and me) are rapidly becoming less than 50% of the electorate, and that means more Social Equity and Social Justice programs are in the future

IF you are 62 years old, and you live in a slow real estate market area but have been fortunate enough to retain good equity in your house, farm or property, then you have a way to get ahead
of the curve, and that is, consider a "Reverse Mortgage" solution

"cash to equity" ratio for reverse mortgages are all over the place, ranging from 50% to 90%,
and that is step number one - find out what is possible with your particular circumstances of location, age, income, credit rating and the other performance factors that determine your
specific cash to equity ratio - Your local accountant should be able to help in this respect ,
or your local insurance broker agent also knows

IF your situation renders your equity to be 85-90% cash to equity ratio and your property value
has not deteriorated too badly, then that becomes your vehicle for getting out of the rat race and into your new beginnings

Take the reverse mortgage loan cash and use the money buy your investment in Costa Rica,
where taxes are low and living is cheap with good weather as a bonus - Retain you US house,
farm or property for as long as you want as your "primary residence", and walk away from the repayment debt that will be presented to your heirs, when the US home, farm or property has served it's purpose  

There is more information and a "Reverse Mortgage Amount Calculator" at > that will give you a "ballpark" amount

Using the funds available from your Revese Mortgage and adding in a small portion of your self directed IRA can put you in the position of "paid in full" for your new residence in Costa Rica, and your property taxes will be in the low $100's instead of $1000's

Your local accountant, or your local insurance broker agent, should be able to help you

This approach can also be significantly enhanced by taking some or most, but not all, of your retirement IRA / 401K account funds and creating a "Self Directed IRA" to be used as a vehicle
for investing in property or income property in a tax friendly environment such as Costa Rica

Did you know you can use your account money from IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Keoghs, SEPs, etc., into more secure and lucrative arenas, and aggressively build your retirement funds with tax-deferred profits ?

We don't know when the market is going to blow up, nobody does, but we all know it is inevitable 

If you want to truly protect your life savings and retirement account, you should consider using
the "Reverse Mortgage" and "Self Directed IRA Solution" while you still have funds

We have many Operating Business investment properties in Costa Rica where the living is
good and the taxes are low that you should think about

we also have Residential, Farm, Ranch and Development Properties that can be purchased
using part of your Reverse Mortgage and/or IRA / 401k account funds

Let us know when you are ready to discuss the possibilities