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L43 - Samarcanda Gated Community - Lots & Houses - Caribe

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L43 - Samarcanda Gated Community - Lots & Houses - Caribe
Lot sizes vary between 800 to 4,000 square meters (1/5 to 1 acre) each, and are all surrounded by
the protected biological reserve which is 85% of the entire property

Common areas include a Private Biological Reserve, natural pool, paths in the forest , graveled
roads, entrance office, 24/7/365 security

All lots are surrounded by common areas, have lots of privacy, and are walking distance to
Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary

Land-only prices range between $50,000 to $80,000, and a 150 square meter (1613 sf) home,
including the land, will cost approximately $250,000

9 houses have been built so far and the owners will share their designs and experiences

We provide assistance in designing and building your home following our house plans, or yours

4 miles away from beautiful South Caribbean beaches of Puerto Viejo and Cahuita National Park
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Samarcanda Hills: 10 remaining lots - spectacular views of Caribbean - Lots sold individually or group
Osho Garden neighborhood: lots with great views of the forest, with large areas for gardening, on the way to the natural pool - Lots sold individually or by group
Buddha Trail neighborhood: lots with extensive views of ocean and forest - sold individually or group
Shibumi Place: 2 remaining lots with great ocean views
Special Development Areas:  large areas with great ocean and forest views, ideal for residential purposes together with conservation ones. Live in the heart of the rain forest !
Conservation Areas:  Samarcanda is making a courageous and costly attempt to protect large areas
of natural habitat and to preserve most of its singularly rich biota and Costa Rica's natural heritage.
Be part of the conservation effort !!!