L37 - 68ha Finca Vargas - Lake Arenal - $ options

This Property is 68.5 hectares (169 acres) of usable Forrest and Farm Land

The property is less than a mile off the main highway from Fortuna to Tilaran and situated on a year round, well maintained lastra secondary road that goes from the lake to the small village of Venado, which is famous for it's caves 

There are 2 existing houses which can be used while constructing your dream estate or can be remodeled and upgraded

House #1 is a 3 bedroom & 1 bath newer Tico home constructed in 2000 and can easily be upgraded to US standards

House #1 is 80 square meters or 860 square feet in size

House #2 is a 5 bedroom & 1 bath 2 story hacienda constructed in 1995 and is usable as a short term guest house or hostel type facility with a minimum of upgrade expense

House #2 is 400 square meters or 4300 square feet in size

The property has 2 water sources from natural springs (AyA) and a well

there is a river that runs through the property with it's small waterfall and wading pond

NOTE: there is an existing hydroelectric power generation station on the property that could be repaired and put back into service

The 20 hectare (49 acres) parcel is located at a higher elevation on the mountainside and is NOT connected to the main L37 property

This parcel is used primarily for cattle grazing and has no active utility connections

Neighboring farms to this 20 hectare (49 acre) parcel have shallow wells and it is believed that subsurface aquifers exist under this parcel as well

You can purchase the 2 houses and about 2 hectares or 5 acres for $280,000

You can purchase the remaining 66.5 hectares (164 acres) for $1,662,500 or $2.50 per square meter ($10,137 per acre) ($0.23 per square foot)

You can purchase the entire property with 2 houses for $1,720,000 which is a 12% discount

You can add the 20 hectare (49 acres) parcel for $400,000 which is $2.00 per square meter ($8,163 per acre)($0.19 per square foot)

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