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L34 - 72 acres - Paqera Cobano - $200,000

29 hectares (72 acres) for sale, 600 meters from development in Paqera

Property is part of a larger 83 hectare estate

It has very good water in winter and in summer

Property can be used as pasture for cattle and has many trees, is ideal for cattle

Also excellent climate for teak plantation

or someone who just wants to have his farm and enjoy the great vistas to the sea, as no other site can view

The price for the 29 hectares is $200,000 dollars, or $0.69 per square meter, which is a very good price for the area.

View property prices in this area go for $1.50 dollars per square meter and up

Property is in a SA Corporacion, so transfer of ownership will be very easy and fast

Do the math:  $0.69 per square meter is $0.064 per square foot for excellent ocean view property - it will be hard to beat 6.5 cents per square foot !!!!

NOTE: to download photographs, go to >  www.La-Tigra.com/L34/img