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L15 - 378 acres - San Rafael  - $795,000 U$D

This property is 153 hectares or 378 acres in size and is locared at San Rafael de Turrubares, about 30 minutes from our capitol city of San Jose

Beyond Beautiful !

This unique property is truly incredible. It can be used as, the perfect location for, your mansion, a resort, a nature retreat, small community, farm to grow coffee, trees or keep cattle.

The property offers: 80 hectares of forest, 20 hectares of pure pasture and 53 hectares of overgrown pasture.

Located in San Rafael, in the Turrubares mountains, on top of two ridges, you will be able to enjoy the most impressive panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Central Valley.

Located at an altitude of between 800 and 1,500 meters above sealevel (from2,650 feet to 5,000 feet).

Water is available in abundance (various year-round water springs on the property).

Owner is open to discuss financing up to half of the property's value for up to 6 years.


153 Hectares for $795,000 = $0.5196 per m2 or $0.048 per square foot