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La Tigra Properties 2006  -  2014      powered by US1

H13 - "River House" - El Castillo - $ 274,000 USD

This property has a large house on river front lot, with views of the Arenal Volcano.  The house features 7 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Great place for a Boutique Hotel & Restaurant right on the river, or for the large family.

Street side fence made with cement block with a decorative style.

Large section of property between the house and river for gardens areas.

Views of Arenal Volcano, with path down to the river.
property area :   2774 sq mtrs
                           ~3/4 acres
elevation ASL :   850m / 2790 ft
potable water :   installed
electric service : installed
telephone line :  installed
residence area :        317 sq mtrs
7 BR & 3 BA :            3400 sq feet
construction year :     2010
hot water shower :     installed
internet connection :  installed
paved roadway :        in front
NOTE: to download photographs, go to >  www.La-Tigra.com/H13/img