F45 - 186 hectares (460 acres) - Montano - $1,860,000

Active Farm Property 800 meters North of Pan American Highway (Autopista) near Montenegro

Property is about half way between Bagaces and the Route 6 Intersection, west
of Las Canas

Present use is for various mellon production and primarily watermellons with some cantelops and some rice fields

The entire property is irrigated from shallow wells on the property and there is aboundant water source for any type of farming or ranching

There is a large 2 story house (300m2 or 3230 sf) with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms that is completely livable, and a smaller house for farm manager
and family - both were built in approximately 2004

pretty good math on this property:

$1.00 per square meter including 2 houses and almost 200 acres of market crop is a bargain you are not going to find very often, if ever again ?

let us know when you want to visit the propety

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