F30 - 1158 acre Ranch - Moravia - $1,395,000 U$D

A  265 hectare (1158 acre) operating cattle ranch in Northern Costa Rica.

Approx. 1/2 of the ranch is improved pasture running over 300 head of cattle - The other half of the ranch is tropical rain forest.

The Ranch has 2 lakes, 2 creeks, a 7 room farm managers house, & seperate house for farm help.

The property is ideal for cattle, farming, or with 1 mile road frontage, subdividing into smaller farms or homesites.

Municipal electric power is now serving the ranch.

Ranch formerly had an approved airstrip, and has the potential to be put back into operation (making it a 35 minute flight from San Jose International Airport).

Successful farming of crops such as pineapples, beans, & yucca have been successfully grown on this ranch.

Fertile soil & mild climate contribute to these abundant crops.

A forest protection contract is paid to the ranch owner to preserve the rain forest each year.

New tractor included in sale. Cattle herd not included (negotiable).

Owner may consider trade, for up to 1/2 of price, in Florida or ?

Do the Math :  $1,395,000 for 468 hectares = $2981 per ha or $0.298 per m2

NOTE: to download photos, go to  www.La-Tigra.com/F30/img
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