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F24 - 97 Hectares - Abangares - $650,000 U$D

This property is 97 hectares (240 acres) and is located near Abangares, Colorado in Guanacaste, about 1.5 km from the main highway

The property is of "rolling hills" nature with multiple plains and terraces, plus about 8 hectares (20 acres) on a high plateau with an excellent view of the Gulf of Nicoya

The water source is a deep artesian well and several year round springs or creeks scattered around the property

There is Electrical service to the site for several out buildings used for the animal shelters and holding pens

There are also several cattle pens and stables currently being used for ranching, but the animals are NOT included within the price

The site climate and topography is also very suitable for Melina and Teak Forrestry as this region is well known for fast development of melina

Do the Math:

97 hectares for $ 650,000 =
$0.67 per sq meter = $0.062 per square foot

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