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F20 - Timber Plantations - Moravia - $816,000 U$D

This property consists of 136 Hectares (336 acres) of Native Wood Plantations, and is 160 Kilometres from San José, in very humid tropical climatic zone, which is ideal for fast-growing forests - this land has four defined areas:

1) -  82 Hectares timber plantations, species include Gmelina arborio, vochysia guatemalensis, vochysia ferruginea, terminalia amazonia and terminalia ivorensis.

28 hectares of the plantations are Gmelina arborio, planted 16 years ago and currently being harvested. These 28 hectares represent approximately 1,200 cubic metres of wood, and valued at 2014 market prices have a selling price of $270,000 USD.

The remaining 54 hectares of native wood trees have a production potential of 5,000 cubic metres of wood, ready for harvesting during the years 2016 through 2020.  If we valued the wood at today’s prices, the selling prices would be $1,125,000 USD.

4 hectares are Roble ready for harvesting.
43 hectares are native species between 4 and 6 years old, and of these 43 hectares, 28 hectares are 6 years old and have had 1 to 2 raleas already.

2) -  36 Hectares
of natural forest where many native tree species and animal life can be found, protected under a sustainable management program.

3) - 15 hectares are protected wetlands.

4) - 3 hectares are dedicated to cattle ranching and worker living quarters

The business currently has a contract with the government forestry agency and recieves payment of $3,582 each year for Environmental Services ESPP


136 hectares for $816,000 = $0.60 per SQ METER or $0.0558 per SQ FOOT