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F17 - Trout & Avocado Farm - Division - $259,000

If you’re looking for a beautiful 14.95 acre farm in a wonderful part of Costa Rica, that can generate lots of money with little investment - look no further.

This magnificent piece-of-paradise farm will create a huge sustainable income for as long as you wish.

Here are the highlights of how this farm can produce strong income with minimum of labor and investment.

1200 fourteen year old cypress trees with a value $60,000 - $70,000.
2000 Avocado trees, ready for first harvest within 24 months
Fantastic spring with perfect tested drinking water.
A sparkling river runs along the property with 1300 trout, easily expandable to 10,000 or 20,000 trout, to generate sizeable sustainable income.
Over 100 fifteen year old blackberry bushes producing tons of berries daily

The hard work has been done !
All that is needed now is you to take over and start collecting the income !
The farm has a public water connection, river access and the spring. Access is over a public gravel / rock road.

There is also a small very basic, solar powered (8.5kw day) 2 bedroom wooden house, with TV, refrigerator, stove. This is the place where the farm worker is living.

The farm has access from top to bottom over a recently re-done dirt road also with a flat area for a possible construction of a home.

Seller is motivated to sell now, realizing the income potential when the fish reach market size will be tremendous

Take a few minutes to watch the videos below and enjoy