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F16 - 2 Cabins - 6 houses - Orotina - $2,500,000

This property is located in the central pacific region and is about 15 minutes from Orotina and 30 minutes from the ports of Caldera and Puntarenas

The property is some 550 hectares, or 1,360 acres, and is used for grazing and wood harvesting - the land and climate is perfect for a teak reforestation project, or  "teca" as they say in Costa Rica

There are 6 modest worker houses on the property and 2 guest cabins with are outfitted with air conditioning, a pool, rancho and BBQ pit  

Around this property, there are 4 smaller parcels which are perfect for those who can't afford the large farm but love nature and want to have a nice piece of countryside property - 3 of the parcels have the ability for utility connections and development and only 1 parcel should be considered as "rough" property

Parcels Available:

L13 - 7.2 hectares - 17.8 acres - small facility to work cattle only (needs repairs) has electricity, drinking water and own water for animals -  $185,000 or $2.57 per sq meter

L14 - 7.4 hectares - 18.3 acres - has electricity, and water can be extended from adjacent property - $185,000 or $2.50 per sq meter

L15 - 3.5 hectares - 8.65 acres - has a cement warehouse and a facility to work cattle in very mint condition, and water for drinking (pipeline), for animals (water stream) and special pipeline for agriculture - electricity will need be extended into property - $210,000 or $6.00 per sq meter

L16 - 8.0 hectares - 19.8 acres - has no utilities - best use would be for hiking or ATV trails, and the price is right at $60,000 or $0.75 per sq meter 

Do the math for the entire property :

550 hectares - 1,360 acres for $2,500,000 = $0.45 per square meter or $0.042 per square foot - you don't see that every day !!!

watch video below to get flavor of property
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