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F14 - Dairy Farm - Coronado - $ 2,000,000 USD

This property is an operating dairy farm located jusy outside the city of Coronado, near the capitol city of San Jose

The property is 25 hectares or about 62 acres and has an ongoing contract with "Dos Pinos" to deliver 11,000 liters (2900 gallons) of fresh milk per week, with the 140 cows and Dos Pinos certified stock and equipment

The Coronado region of Costa Rica enjoys a fresh climate which is cooler than neighboring communities and is known for it's natural beauty and it's closeness to the major medical facilities of Costa Rica which are located in the Capitol City of San Jose

The property has adequate living quarters and more importantly, plenty of room to develop upscale housing for your family, or on a commercial basis, with adjacent development of tourist facilities as a multi-purpose the facility

This particular farm is quite romantic for someone who has the money to retire, and wants to get away from big city taxes, noise and crime

Do the math :  11,000 liters per week x $0.50 = $5,600 per week PLUS,
the sale of "retired cattle" of at least 5 per month at about $2,000 each, or
$10,000 per month

So, using rounded off figures for raw milk sales, and production meat sales, your monthly income should be in the neighborhood of $30,000, and your expenses should be about $24,000 (?) and you are in a positive cash flow situation with plenty of physical plant space to expand your operations

property area :   25 hectares
                           62 acres
elevation ASL :   700m / 2300 ft
potable water :   installed
electric service : installed
telephone line :  installed
residence area :        160 sq mtrs
3 BR & 2 BA :            1720 sq feet
construction year :     2010
hot water shower :     installed
internet connection :  installed
paved roadway :        50 meters