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F12 - 400 Hect Ranch & Forest - Ojoche - $1,500,000
NOTE: you can download photos at  www.La-Tigra.com/F12/img
F12 - 400 Hect Ranch & Forest - Ojoche - $1,500,000 U$D
This 400 Hectare, or 988 Acre, Ranch is located in Ojoche which is about half way between Pital and Boca Tapada on Route 250

There is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on the ranch that is completely livable as you decide whether you wish to build your own version of a dream house or modify and update the existing house to suit your needs

The river Rio Caño Sucio runs through the center of the north half of the property and provides more than adequate year around water source for farming and cattle ranching activities 

40 Hectares, or 98.8 Acres, of the property is virgin forest and the entire Farm or Ranch Property is
in excellent maintenance condition

The Ranch is 90% (well maintained and fenced) pasture, where there are currently breeding pure brahman (or brahma if you prefer) cattle

Do the math;

$1,500,000 / 400 ha (988 acre) = $3750 / hectare ($1518 / acre) = $0.375 / m2 (0.035 / square foot)

You will not find a well maintained and beautiful property such as this one, at this low price, being offered anywhere, so get your pencil out and come take advantage of this bargain of your lifetime