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F10 - 15 Hectares - 3BR & 1BA - Coopevega - $176,000 USD
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F10 - 15 Hectares - 3BR & 1BA - Coopevega - $176,000 USD
This Ranch Property is located in the northern plains of Costa Rica and is typical for rural farming
and ranching properties throughout the north zone

The property is 15 hectares or 37 acres in size and has all utilities in place

The current house is livable enough to use while building your Rancho or Villa and the property
has ample water supply from two year round streams

The existing residence area is 80 sq meters, or 860 sq feet, which is livable for manager or foreman

The nearest town is Coopevega, which has all the basic necessities - farther away is Boca Arenal which is on the main highway

The Ranch is 85% flat and usable for farming, cattle or horses, and the remaing acreage is native forrest area

elevation ASL :   65m / 700 ft
potable water :   installed
electric service : installed
telephone line :  installed