C34 - Riverbridge Resort - La Tigra - $725,000

This property has the LOCATION and the EXPOSURE - What it needs is the Marketing guru in today's universe

The property is some 2.5 hectares or 6.18 acres of riverfront, with clear view of the largest suspension bridge in Costa Rica, and it is on the main highway from San Ramon to La Fortuna just north of La Tigra - you could not ask for a better location

The property consists of 7 "cabinas", 2 pools, restaurant with living quarters, your own waterfall, and your own talapia pond to grow dinner for yourself and your clientele, AND, it is being sold complete with the furniture and furnishings - how sweet is that !!

One cabina is 50m2 or 540 ft2 and the other six cabinas are each 32m2 or 345 ft2, with bed, table, chairs and refrigerator, and complete bathroom - you will want to add instant heaters for the showers, or do what the tico's do and take a quicker shower

The large pool is 16 x 14 meters (52 x 46 feet) and the smaller pool is 5 meters (16 feet) in diameter, for the 'waders' and the kids

Kitchen / Restaurant is open and about 16 x 14 meters (224 square meters or 2411 square feet) with open seating space and self contained sleeping area with bath for owner / operator of owner or manager of property

Water and electric services are installed, and telephone service is at public road of property entrance, but really not necessary, as your cel phone gets excellent reception in this location

This could be the hottest property on the road to number one tourist attraction in Costa Rica in Fortuna, if you have confidence in your ability and skills to get the marketing done - for example, we bet you can not find this place, even though it is directly on the main highway, because these guys don't believe in signage !!!

If I wasn't so old and set in my ways, I would snap this property up in a heartbeat

Would love to hear if you agree
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La Tigra Property Video Productions
NOTE: to download photographs, go to >  www.La-Tigra.com/C34/pics
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La Tigra Property -  San Gerardo de La Tigra de San Carlos - Costa Rica

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