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C27 - Mom & Pop business - Bagaces - $100,000

This little "mom & pop soda" is located in downtown Bagaces and does a brisk breakfast and lunch business

The "soda" includes a small house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms where the owner's family lives

The price includes all licenses for the soda operation, so you need just buy and start making money to pay for your investment while you enjoy the "pura vida"

This place is perfect for retired individual or couple who desire small, quiet place to live without high traffic, noise, crime or confusion, and where you can feel safe and have everything that you need within easy walking distance

Also, you will be just one hour from the beach, for when the kids and or the grandkids come visiting ..... !!!
property area :    291 sq mtrs
                           city lot size
potable water :    installed
electric service :  installed
telephone line :   installed
residence area :        200 m2
3 bedroom 2 bath      2150 sq feet
construction year :     1998
hot water shower :     installed
internet connection :  wireless or line
paved roadway :        in front