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C26 - Operating Citrus Farm - La Colonia - $325,000

This very productive, beautiful farm is located north of Guapiles in the Limon Province about 2 hours from the airport

The property is approximately 4 hectares, or 10 acres, and includes a nice, recently remodeled 2 floor, 4 bedroom house

The farm has about 3 hectares of fully grown fruit trees which produce year around lemons and oranges, and produce some $3,000 per month income based on current contracts for 1,600,000 colones per month

A unique feature is that the farm also has 1/2 an hectare of protected land which is home to 2 or 3 species of endagered frogs

Let's do the math, shall we :

Step 1 - convert your retirement IRA to a self-directed IRA

Step 2 - invest $325,000 in this Costa Rica Citrus Farm

Step 3 - immediately begin your positive revenue stream of ~ $3000 per month

Step 4 - use the $3000 per month to replace the $325,000 loan from your IRA

Step 5 - repeat Step 4 for 9 years  = $3000 x 122 = $324,000

Step 6 - your IRA is 100% repaid, and you own a citrus farm

you have a
FREE citrus farm in Costa Rica and $3000 monthly income

or, you have a "finca" to go every weekend and a nice supplemental income

life is GOOD in Costa Rica, that is why we call it the Pura Vida