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B53 - 21acre beachfront - San Clemente - Caribbean  - $706,000
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B53 - 21acre beachfront - San Clemente - Caribbean  - $706,0000
Boca Estrella is a 8.5 hectare (21 acre) Estate located on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

25 miles from the city of Limon, bordered on the east side by the beautiful surf of the Caribbean
Sea and on the west by a natural and peaceful lagoon
This property features 1 km (3300 ft) of palm tree - lined beachfront of the Caribbean and a fully equipped 2 Story Villa overlooking the sea - the approved land use plan allows for some 78 house
structures of 1 or 2 story height plus attendant commercial space development for restaurants or
shops of variety natue

The 3 seperete parcels have renewable 20 year concessions with a total of 5.50 hectare or 13.6
acres of open development space, plus about 1900 square meters or 1/2 acre for commercial
development space - initial concession dated 2002

All utility services are in public road at perimeter of property

Red Hot Sale price is $8.31 per square meter or $0.77 per square foot for BEACHFRONT  !!!